Monday, 12 January 2015

Ras Pua

Lets talk about some Sweet dish today. I'll again move to Bihar for this and talk about one form of Pua which is normally made on the occasion of Holi. Pua, Ras Pua and Mal Pua are normally three variants of this. I'll talk about Ras Pua, the one that I relish, today.

Ingredients :Maida (Fine flour) : 250 gm
Milk : 100 gm.
Sugar : 250 gm.
Saunf (Aniseed) coarse: 5 gm
Coconut : 100gm (coarsely chopped)
Date : 50 gm ( coarsely chopped)
Baking Powder 

Refined Oil: For Deep Frying

Preparation of Batter:Prepare batter in a deep bowl. Take Maida ina  deep bowl add a pinch of baking powder. Add Milk slowly to the maida and keep stirring. Afer the milk is finished add water slowly and keep stirring in one direction. Till a thick free flow batter is prepared. Take care that no lumps are formed.  Add aniseed , coarsely chopped coconut and date. Mix again . The batter is ready.

Preparation of Sugar Syrup:Dissolve 250 gm of sugar in 500 ml of water by stirring. Then put it on flame and keep heating till 
the water is reduced to half and a two thread syrup is prepared. 

Frying of Pua :Pre heat the refined oil / Pure Ghee in a deep base frying pan. Pour small quantities of batter in heated oil through a serving spoon or a small bowl. See that it spreads slowly and remains intact to form a shape of round puri. (Note : if it spreads and becomes too thin, reduce the flame of the oil, or if it does not spreads at all , instead settles down, make the oil a little more heated.) Fry it till the edges are pink and crispy.

Remove it from Oil and dip in the Sugar Syrup for two minutes. Remove from the syrup . 
Spray some Rose water on it. Serve hot.

Alternate Serve:Alternatively it can be seved cold with Rabri .

Taste it and tell me if you liked or not.

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