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A - Appam from Kerala

Regional Cuisine ….

Let's start with A.

#AtoZChallenge 2020 Blogging from A to Z Challenge letter A
There are lots of regional dishes starting with A with. From different places across India and mouth licking tastes.

In my posts earlier I have written about Aligarh Kachauri. You would love to enjoy this as the morning breakfast anywhere in Aligarh from the state of UP famous for its AMU.

Another mouth watering street food was from a small tehsil in UP Atrauli Alu Chhat. Enjoy These.

Desserts from Apple are also interesting and tasty dishes like Apple Pie, Apple Anchar, Jam , Juice etc.

But for my A to Z post I would talk about the famous dish from Kerala - Appam. 
Appam is a pancake enjoyed with Chatney & sauce. Appam, though originally is from Kerala, it  is enjoyed across south India in breakfast or dinner. It also forms a part of  regular dish in Sri Lanka.

You would find many videos & recipe on the internet for this dish. But just to refresh enjoy it here as well.

Ingredients :

Rice - 1 cup
Cooked Rice 1/2 cup
Fresh Coconut 1/2 cup / Coconut Milk 1/2 Cup
Yeast 1/2 tea spoon
Salt - as per taste
Sugar - 1 tsp
baking Soda - 1 pinch
Oil for oiling of Pan - 4- 5 Tb spoon

Preparation - 
A. - Preparing Batter :
1. Soak Rice in water for three to four hours
2. Drain Water.
3. Add  1/2 cup cooked rice to strained soaked rice
4. Add 1/2 Cup Coconut Milk
5. Make a paste of above mixture in a mixie.

B. - Preparing Yeast for Fermentation : 
1. Take 1/2 tea spoon dry yeast in a bowl
2. Add 1/2 teas spoon Sugar
3. Add 1 cup Luke warm water and mix well.
4. Add a pinch of floor , mix.
5. Cover with a plate and leave for 10 mins for froth to develop.

C. - Fermentation : 
1. Take the froth developed yeast solution after 10 mins and mix with the batter. 
2. Add salt as per taste and leave for 3 -4 hrs to ferment.

D. - Making Appam : 
1. Take the fermented batter and check for consistency it should be loose as to flow on its own.
2. If thick add water and make it free flow as in dosa/ chila batter.
3. Add a pinch of Baking Powder and mix
4. Low heat a Non Stick Kadhai. grease with Oil
5. Pour two servers (with kalchhun) ofAppam batter in the center . Rotate Kadhai so as to spread the batter so that it would take a bowl shape . The edges would be thinner and the center thick. Cover the Pan and let it cook on slow flame .
The edges would start turning crisp and leave the kadhai. Put some oil on the edges with the help of brush to ease crisping. Once crisp ( in 2-3 mins) take out the Appam . Appam is ready - Crispat edges, soft at center. Serve along with Hara Dhania & Cocunut Chatney and sauce.


Aditya Sinha



  1. It is my favourite breakfast! :)

    1. That's great. It is tasty and easy to prepare. In north India esp. Bihar & Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, normally we make rice floor pancakes called Chila.

  2. Hmm, yummy ;))

    Please, join the linky party: AtoZ Linky party

    1. Thanks Fredderique. Joining the Link Party.

  3. Awesome Appams from neighbouring state. I got the taste of Appam - after coming to Tamil Nadu. Infact I should say, not just Appam- i have developed a good appetite for Malayalam movies as well now :)

    1. That's great. So this too made you walk through the memory lanes, the theme of your challenge , Right. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Oh this looks yummy. I need to get some yeast and then try your recipe.
    Thanks for sharing this for a wonderful start to the A to Z adventure.


    1. Thanks Vessey. Hope you tried and enjoyed.


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