Thursday, 26 March 2020

The Regional Cuisines of India - Regional Dishes

Theme Reveal 2020 - Indian Regional Cuisine.

India is a country, rightly said, that depicts unity in diversity. Think of  a characteristics and you would end up counting tens and twenties of each. Be it language, food,  culture, dress and you name anything - you would find it changing in perhaps every few kms .With its vast expanse and rich cultural heritage, it equally stores a variety of regional cuisines totally different from each other but equally delicious.
So this becomes the essence of my theme for this years "A to Z Challenge" on my blog Regional Cuisine- The Regional Cuisines of India and I would highlight Regional Dishes.

In the past I took this challenge twice. In 2015 I wrote travelogue - all about Himachal Reflections from Adi - A to Z Challenge and made you travel throughout HP - the hill state of India. In 2016 I took two writings each day - One was my poetic journey Reflections on A to Z 2016 - Let the Soul Pour and the other was Festivals of India Reflections on A to Z 2016 - Festivals of India. 

So now, stay with me - and this year enjoy four blogs each day. This one would be a food blog. The Others would be my favourite - A poetic journey both in English & Hindi. And there would be a fiction - Learnings of life - 5 Sentence Fiction. Theme Reveal 2020 - Life just in 5 Sentences.
So - Just stay glued.

Aditya Sinha


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